Chairman Word

On behalf of Network Group Team, I would like to welcome you to our Group Profile. It gives me great pleasure to introduce to you the exciting phase that Network Group is in. Over the years, through dedication, teamwork and a commitment to continuous improvement, Network Group has become a company that is not only growing, but growing fast. "Business aiming only for money is a short lasting business". That is a principal that Network Group adopted since it started its business in Egypt In early 90's. Surviving the turbulent business days in the global economical crisis is a miracle, Advancing and growing in such time takes heroes. 

In the past two years our group and the whole world suffered a drastic decline in demand, to over come that we had to invest more efforts opening new markets and working harder.
To our pleasure we did not just redeem our standards, we where able to rapidly advance. This is what we are now:6 different companies covering most aspects of tourism and real estate.Many sub agents around the Middle East.1500 well trained and committed to rapid improvement employees.125 Million USD worth of investments.  We promise to keep doing what we do best, hard working, dedication and devotion.

Best Regards
Khaled El Nayal 

                                                                                 Chairman of the board 
                                                                                            Networkcorporate Group