Brouj for property management is an Egyptian Shareholding Company with our CEO Mr.Khaled El Naiyal that was established in accordance with the investment law for year 1981. Sister company to Network corporate  The company main activity is marketing and management of real estate several projects covering all over Egypt, Brouj is offering its customer the best locations with the best princess with different methods of payment in order to cover all our customers' needs.

Brouj operates jointly with international corporations specialized in property management and professional real estate developers within and outside Egypt.

Brouj has marketed many successful projects in the sectors of Accommodation, Administration and luxurious Resorts.

Tourist Sector;

1 Savanna Sharm El-Sheikh

2 Emirates Hights North Coast

3 Coral Hills North Coast

Accommodation Sector;

1 Sama Cairo – El Maadi

2 Blue Nile Cairo  – El Maadi

3 Green Waves 6th of October - El Sheikh Zaied

Administration  Sector;

1 Emerald Administration Center – Cairo New Cairo

2 GannatPlaza - Giza Dokki

Core Values:

Creditability: AS Creditability was repeatedly promised, but defectively maintained by others. Creditability is the core value of Brouj, be believe that real estate success won't occur without Creditability.

Neutrality: Be believed that the completion of any successful agreement occurs on a win-win basis between the buyer and seller.

Selection: Since we have always promised and thrived for the maximum,  our selection in all our business aspects must be the finest. From our selection of employees to serve you and management to direct, we can surely stand behind our word that Brouj is a confident name between real estate developers and the customer.


Regardless of your needs, there are Brouj Commercial practitioners who have the skills and experience to find the best strategy - whether you're looking at a straight forward local transaction or a top-notch team to handle multiple-site acquisitions or dispositions across the Nation


We look forward to formulate the shape and structure of the real estate industry with ethics that relates to our nature and origin. We took in consideration to submit our Slogan in the Arabic language, since our reader is Arabic, the project is Arabic and the property is on Arabic soil.

Added Value

1- Professional and experienced staff that    serve all business needs.

2- Existence of international affiliates.

3- Legal auditing for the projects.

4- Agreement with specialized real estate advisors.

Brouj Property Indicator

Opinions tend to  hesitate between increase stability and decrease in prices, Brouj property indicators will be your path and solution to the realistic deals and their occurrence probability, which will assist in the decision making process.

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