Our philosophy is based on reflecting the real life of Ancient, Coptic, Islamic and Modern Egypt by going through the depth of Social life of Egyptians during such Era, and not only by counting the historical or the archeological background of such period. We believe that touring countries can’t be full without touring the social life of its people.
 At stallion Travel we fully realize that our success depends on customer satisfaction so we are developing the business in our own way with a sincere commitment to overall quality. We use all our power and experience to exceed the client's expectation in terms of quality and value. We analyze daily client's feedbacks and reviews from hotels to make sure that we offer the highest quality and the most competitive product. No matter what your enquiry is, our specialists will carefully work on it and provide you with invaluable and advisory offer.
Are characterized by great flexibility and creativity in designing itineraries to your personal budget, desires and fulfilling all special requirements you may have. Take advantage of our experience as YOUR TRAVEL PLANNER. 
Our Goal
Our goal, is to make each trip an exceptional experience and, above all, to exceed our clients expectations. 
As one of the leading Travel Agencies, Stallion Travel offers attractive and carefully planned tours for both groups and individuals – are prepared and executed meticulously with professional and personalized service. Our staff offers all facilities based on a choice of hotel accommodation, excellent tours, joined with well informed guides and escorts, air train and surface transportation.
We offer luxury Transportations and Excursion services, using our luxury air-conditioned cars and buses, with highly trained, presentable, and smart drivers and representatives speaking different languages to ensure your comfort and satisfaction.
 Tour Guides
All our guides are fluent in (Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, etc.) languages, helpful, competent, honest, and professional in guiding and well trained regularly by the Ministry of Tourism.
We treat the Safari, Either in Desert or Red Sea, in a very memorable experience, that makes our guests, not only enjoying the beauty of nature in Egypt, but also living in it and leaves all noisy life back.