Savanna Sharm El Sheikh


The sharks bay area is top of the list as an egypt property investment  located idyllically in Sharm-El Sheikh , Egypt's most renowned diving destination, sharks bay is not far from the lively Neama bay area and only five minutes away from the international airport of Sharm El Sheikh as a holiday destination , the weather and scenic surrounds offer a wealth of glorious days of idle sun soaking or exciting exploration . in sharks bay you will be lucky to see a shark nowadays but the beautiful look of the bay's water followed by the Tiran island is breathtaking. the area is almost fully developed it's hard to find an undeveloped a lot around .


In the ever peaceful land of Sharm El sheikh relaxing is almost inevitable, the soothing breeze of the sea, the liberating feeling after a sauna or just sitting in the garden under a tree is where you could lay down all worries and rediscover your inner self you lost over your daily struggle to accomplish yourself and providing a decent life to your family. The steam rooms and the massage professionals will you feel rejuvenated and more ready to go back to your 'business as usual' life again. in savanna resort relaxation is a profession.



The community we gather is carefully picked to make our vision of an elite society you feel comfortable enjoying your time with and safe to let your family vacation with. After hard days working to establish your life for your family you deserve to vacation in a place where you will be surrounded by an affluent society. Good life is a walk on sand by the beach and a nice dinner with your love of your life your wife and kids surrounded by a nice neighborhood, who could ask for anything more, and in Savanna we make it happened. Our community reflects the elegance of our resort design.



From the moment you arrive to Savanna resort you will feel the luxury in every corner. The sandy beaches and the azure clear water give you the feeling of being out of this word, to the lavish living in the comfort of fives stars service. The scenery is breathtaking, the greenery and the blue see are nature's beauty combined with old English country style buildings makes it an ease to your eyes to see. if you are a golf the nearby 8 halls gulf course is at your disposal or maybe you like to adventure diving or fishing that can be arranged at your request. our most recent and luxury fleet of limousines and five stars buses are more than ready to give you the elegant ride you deserve to where ever you would like to go. At Savanna resort you will enjoy the comfort of being at home.


- Savanna provide to its units owner an intelligent method of investing their property the year on request.

- Owners will enjoy a one month stay in savanna at their preferred period.

- Legal binding contacts with the management company will be formatted by the owners will rental lease their for rest of the year (11 moth) to management company with a rental income 8% to 15% from the total price of the unit.



At Savanna Resort safety is optimized  with 24 hours security. Life guards are always ready to serve in the swimming pools and at the shore line. Both security and life guards are will trained and highly qualified to make you feel safe and enjoy vacationing in Savanna resort. Healthcare staffs are at 24 hour duties and equipped to help most of every day unfortunate accidents. Exceptionally trained nannies are taking care of children at the kids Park to take care of the young ones and makes sure their enjoyments are at most .we make sure stay at Savanna resort both safe and exciting .



You will have the time of your life in Savanna Resort , in Kid's Parks your kids will lose of time, swings, balance, bouncy and kid's jungle the main attraction while enjoying the excitement of the Aqua park by the swimming pool will be your daily activity. Swimming pools and play grounds for all ages are where you and your family will compete. Video games and table tennis along with pool tables and snooker rooms are ideal for the afternoons, Evening time is the time for movies or dinning in one of our restaurants made to meet all tastes. Looking for adventure? the safari can be arranged for a day trip or longer including Bedouin dinners, horseback riding or camel riding. in short savanna time is fun time.